горитЬ небо – THE SKY IS BURNING

2023-2024 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS BÜHNE AARAU / 2., 3., 5., 6. Dezember 2023 GARE DU NORD BASEL / 16., 17. Januar 2024 SCHLACHTHAUS THEATER BERN / Februar 2024 THIK BADEN / 2024 THEATER TICINO WÄDENSWIL / 26., 27. April 2024 Tatjana Werik and Vivianne Mösli wanted to create a musical about love together. With Russian […]


2022-2024 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS KRÄHENBÜHL & CO. THEATER WINKELWIESE ZÜRICH KELLERTHEATER WINTERTHUR BÜHNE AARAU, TUCHLAUBE 24.02.2023 20:00 25.02.2023 20:00 SCHLACHTHAUS THEATER BERN 24.05.2023 20:00 25.05.2023 20:00 26.05.2023 20:00 THIK BADEN 25.01.2024 20:15 26.01.2024 20:15 A man falls under the spell of a dystopian tale: a fossil discovered by Johann Jakob Scheuchzer in 1720 seems to […]


2023 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS BÜHNE AARAU, REITHALLE GARE DU NORD BASEL (Juni 2024…) All cultures have their own celebrations and festive rituals. All over the world, being a host is precious.The Collectif barbare and its troupe of people of different origins invite the audience to a party, which brings everyone together around a table and […]


2021-2022 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS TOJO THEATER BERN 24.11.2022, 20:30 25.11.2022, 20:30 26.11.2022, 20:30 27.11.2022, 19:00 THEATER WINKELWIESE ZÜRICH GARE DU NORD BASEL BÜHNE AARAU An installative music theatre, freely adapted from Raphael Urweider’s book of poems of the same name (“Wildern”, 2018). In a cube shaped installation filled with objects, live animals and plants lives […]


DAS Grosse Heft 2017-2021 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS BÜHNE AARAUÖRKÉNY ISTVÁN SZÍNHÁZ THEATER BUDAPESTKELLERTHEATER WINTERTHURGARE DU NORD BASELTHEATER WINKELWIESE ZÜRICHTOJO THEATER BERNTHÉÂTRE DES OSSES FRIBOURG A musical theater based on the book “le grand Cahier” by Agota Kristof Two nine-year-old twins are the protagonists of “the Notebook”. Because of the ongoing war, their mother decides to leave […]


2011-2013 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS GARE DU NORD BASELSCHLACHTHAUS THEATER BERN THEATER WINKELWIESE ZÜRICHBÜHNE AARAUKLEINTHEATER LUZERNTHEATER DIE TONNE REUTLINGEN (DE) Plunge into the poetic world of Raphael Urweider. “Alle Deine Namen” is 26 poems about women’s first names, arranged in alphabetical order.

Astride Schlaefli and Anna Trauffer met the author and decided concertedly to do a reading […]

ATTEINTES A LA PUDEUR (Breaches of modesty)

2008 A series of weekly performances in public places (Biel/Bienne) The Collectif barbare offers their public of passers-by a repertoire of unusual images and moments that open up an unexpected and refreshing margin of reflection. These actions inhabit the borderline between performance and reality, so that the pedestrians and audience don’t know whether they are […]


2012 an art installation made with abandoned objects from the cellars of Palazzo Wyler.

The Palazzo Wyler was a housing block riddled with asbestos and therefore condemned to be demolished.In 2012, for an interstice before its demolition, the owner of the building (the Wyler-Baugesellschaft Bern AG) gave a group of Bernese artists free reign over the […]


2015 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS THEATER WINKELWIESE ZÜRICHBÜHNE AARAUTOJO THEATER BERNFORUM NEUE MUSIK LUZERN A musical theater inspired by Max Frisch’s “Drafts for a Third diary” and interpreted by the six men of the “ensemble für neue musik zürich” on the occasion of their 30th anniversary.

 The small village of Berzona in Ticino was Max Frisch’s […]


2014 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS Bühne Aarau A participatory musical theater based on the book “Jakob von Gunten” by Robert Walser

 “We learn very little here, we lack teaching staff, and we boys from the Benjamenta Institute will achieve nothing, that is, we will later be very humble and subordinate people. ” From the very first […]