An evening on feminicide

A mysterious disease is spreading across the planet. The infection causes men to dissolve the barrier in their brains between the sexual impulse and violence. The result is the emergence of religious sects that advocate feminicide for ideological, religious and political reasons. Feminicide is spreading throughout the world. In the end, it turns out that the disease has been deliberately used by an extraterrestrial life form to “cleanse” the Earth of humanity and prepare it for further colonisation.

 “The Screwfly Solution takes place in an abstract and empty black stage space. We use lighted objects, live actors and actresses, and films of bodies and objects projected three-dimensionally into the black space.

CONCEPT, VIDEO, PERFORMER Sebastian Krähenbühl
CONCEPT, DIRECTION, SOUND    Astride Schlaefli
TEXT (adaption «THE SCREWFLY SOLUTION», James Tiptree): S. Krähenbühl & A. Schlaefli
PRODUCTION   Saskia Keel
TECHNIC Jay Schütz, Lucas Hallauer
SCENOGRAPHY Chasper Bertschinger