2023-2024 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS GARE DU NORD BASEL 08.06.2024   20:0009.06.2024   17:00 All cultures have their own celebrations and festive rituals. All over the world, being a host is precious.The Collectif barbare and its troupe of people of different origins invite the audience to a party, which brings everyone together around a table and turns the theatre […]


2019 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS BÜHNE AARAUKUENSTLERHAUS BOSWIL A participative musical theatre of the Collectif Barbare in cooperation with the Künstlerhaus Boswil, the project UMA (unaccompanied underage asylum seekers) of the network Asyl Aargau and Künstlerhaus Boswil.The first and only time the unheated Alte Reithalle in Aarau is staged in winter. In “Winterreise”, the famous cycle […]


2018 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS Bühne Aarau The barracks of Aarau and the former indoor riding arena are immediate neighbours. However, there hasn’t been any direct contact between the two since the arena became a cultural venue. In order to make up for this lack, the Tuchlaube Theatre is setting up a unique project with very […]


2014 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS Bühne Aarau A participatory musical theater based on the book “Jakob von Gunten” by Robert Walser

 “We learn very little here, we lack teaching staff, and we boys from the Benjamenta Institute will achieve nothing, that is, we will later be very humble and subordinate people. ” From the very first […]


2005 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS SCHLACHTHAUS THEATER BERN OORSMEER FESTIVAL Performance for 47 pianos and the same number of children as part of the “Oorsmeer” festival at the Schlachthaus Theater and the Music School of Bern. October 2005. CONCEPT, DIRECTION, COMPOSITION Astride Schlaefli Trailer Galerie


2016 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS BÜHNE AARAUARGOVIA PHILHARMONIC A youth militia takes ownership of the Faustian story and explores how the fairy tale can be told today. They know where the plug is in the old army riding arena. How a mixing desk works, and how to erect scaffolding. Producing sound recordings, eliciting sound from a […]