ATTEINTES A LA PUDEUR (Breaches of modesty)

2008 A series of weekly performances in public places (Biel/Bienne) The Collectif barbare offers their public of passers-by a repertoire of unusual images and moments that open up an unexpected and refreshing margin of reflection. These actions inhabit the borderline between performance and reality, so that the pedestrians and audience don’t know whether they are […]


2005 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS SCHLACHTHAUS THEATER BERN OORSMEER FESTIVAL Performance for 47 pianos and the same number of children as part of the “Oorsmeer” festival at the Schlachthaus Theater and the Music School of Bern. October 2005. CONCEPT, DIRECTION, COMPOSITION Astride Schlaefli Trailer Galerie


2012 an art installation made with abandoned objects from the cellars of Palazzo Wyler.

The Palazzo Wyler was a housing block riddled with asbestos and therefore condemned to be demolished.In 2012, for an interstice before its demolition, the owner of the building (the Wyler-Baugesellschaft Bern AG) gave a group of Bernese artists free reign over the […]


2010 Five performances of the Collectif barbare in public spaces, stemming from the experimentation of the earlier “Atteintes à la pudeur” (“Breaches of modesty”). Five actions which question the relationship between passers-by and public space, between art and civil society, and which are characterized by the ambiguity of their form, suspended between staging and distortion […]


2016 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS BLICKFELDER FESTIVALTHEATER WINKELWIESE ZÜRICH A quiet clinic amidst the greenery, an oasis of peace. No doctors or nursing staff. The young patients have long since been left to their own devices. They have created their own world, complete with rules and formulas. They no longer speak, the essential has been said […]


2012 CO-PRODUCERS & SHOWS GASTSPIEL FESTIVAL Zürich solo for pianist without piano “pianiste” offers spectators an intimate and colourful alternative to the classical piano recital. Here, Astride Schlaefli uses “Bontempi” pianos made of orange, red and green plastic, cassettophones, harmonicas, music boxes, a megaphone, a pan flute, a melodica with a hairdryer, a record player, […]


2012 3rd part of the trilogy of Collectif barbare’s projects in Biel’s public spaces : 

“ATTEINTES A LA PUDEUR ”(2008) / “IN FLAGRANTE” (2010) / “SITCOM” (2012)

 SITCOM focuses on the dreams, expectations and excesses of reality TV; illusion, ambition, voyeurism, abuse of power and imposture.

 SITCOM uses social networks to bring people and audiences who […]